Bier Markt Revisited (Toronto)

Location: Toronto, Canada
Address: 58 The Esplanade
Type of Meal: Dinner

The Bier Markt has long been a popular destination, especially for larger groups in the downtown core. With over 150 types of beer available, there’s bound to be something to satisfy all tastes. Even for the beer challenged (like me) there are plenty of easy drinking brews – I personally like the Stiegl Grapefruit Radler, which is refreshing (tastes like grapefruit juice), affordable (only $5) and low in calories (88 for a 12oz portion).

While visiting during Oktoberfest, I felt a celebration was in order opting for a pint of a German brew and pork schnitzel ($24). The schnitzel is huge and easily shareable with the addition of a salad or appetizer. The meat was thin and crispy, but could have been cooked a touch less to allow it to be juicer. The lingonberry jam helped a bit and the fruity sweetness went nicely with the pork. There was also a Leffe Brune Abbey Ale demi-glace on the side as well but I couldn’t acquire the taste for it.

The highlight for me (and what Bier Markt should consider offering as a side) was the spatzle on the bottom. Covered with melted gruyere (?), it was comforting and delicious, akin to a German mac n’ cheese. I thoroughly enjoyed the toasted crust encapsulating the soft spatzle mixed with a good portion of cheese.

My friend ordered my go-to dish - the Bangkok mussels ($21). It arrived looking and smelling as it always has - a generous portion of mussels cooked in a flavourful broth made of lemongrass, chilies, coriander, ginger and shrimp. Moreover, the soup is perfect for dipping fries into.

Another friend tried Bier Markt’s steak frites ($32), which contained a decent sized striploin topped with butter. In the end, she noted it tasted okay but a little lean. 

For dessert, the four of us shared the chocolate, pecan and bacon waffle ($9). I know, it sounds like a lot of for one dessert! The hot fluffy waffle was covered with a warm milk chocolate ganache, candied pecans, sweet caramel coulis, whipped cream and crumbled bacon. Although I wasn’t a fan of the bacon (crispy pieces instead of soft blobs would work better), I still enjoyed the rest of the dessert. With it’s big portion, this is great for sharing (pictured below is only a quarter of the waffle).

All in all, this dinner experience was in line with all my previous meals. There’s a consistency to their food quality and presentation that you can come to expect. During the day, Bier Markt offers a lunch menu. You can refer to my post on my lunch experience from earlier in the year here.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

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