CLOSED: B.Good (Toronto)

B. Good prides itself for serving natural “good for you” food fast, right down to the ketchup they use (Sir Kensington’s non-GMO and raw sugar only). Ingredients are sourced locally and the map on the wall is proof of it.

Their burgers is what drew me here, but there are also quinoa bowls and salads for those who are looking for healthier fare. Each burger is made with beef, turkey, veggie or chicken breast (extra $1 for chicken). My husband and I both opted for classic beef, in this case hormone and antibiotic free from Enright Cattle in Tweed, Ontario.

I had the west side ($7.49) with sharp cheddar (extra $1.49). You’ll immediately taste the difference in the patty. It’s thick but loosely packed so it isn’t heavy. With no fillers, I could taste was the delicious beef and it was a lean cut as it didn’t feel greasy.  Topped with creamy avocado, a refreshing salsa mix and a bit of heat from the chipotle puree, I really enjoyed this gourmet burger.

My husband opted for the adopted Luke ($7.49) which already comes with cheese (smoked gouda). Topped with mushrooms, caramelized onions and smoky BBQ sauce this is the classic hearty burger.

B. Good’s real fries ($3.39) were tossed in some spices to give it a garlicky chili taste. While their sweet potato fries ($3.99) were nicely salted to add a savoury element to these sweeter fries. Both are finished in the oven (I believe means is flash fried and then baked in the oven the rest of the way) to allow them to be somewhat crispy but healthier tasting. In fact, the fry’s container proudly displays the fat content of B. Good’s fries compared to chain favourites.

Their drinks prices are on par with the actual burger. But, I did find the kale crush ($6.49) delicious and refreshing. Despite the vibrant green colour the kale’s taste was muted due to the addition of apple, pineapple, banana and pineapple juice. It’s a relatively thick smoothie from the Greek yogurt mixed throughout.

If you’re allergic to food items, B. Good is the place for you as things are kept simple. Their website is a wealth of information listing ingredients they use in each item, right down to the sauces. And they provide a list that people who are avoiding gluten should skip on. Interestingly, the gluten free buns actually contain way more ingredients (many not natural sounding) compared to the good old fashioned white bun.

Consider joining the “family”, their loyalty program, as they offer many opportunities to earn freebies. By signing up and voting, I received complimentary fries, a burger and a smoothie so I pretty much got my meal for free. If you’re creative B. Good also holds contests to develop new menu items … if you’re chosen you get to eat for free for life! With prices in line with other gourmet burger joints and plenty of seats, I sense B. Good will soon be booming during lunch and dinner.

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada 
 Address: 100 Front Street East

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