Big Bone BBQ and Wicked Wings (Newmarket)

Big Bone BBQ

With Rib Fest season set to kick off, this post on Big Bone BBQ and Wicked Wings occurs at an opportune time. If you frequent the events, you may remember the stall Purple Pig. My friend recounts that it was her family’s favourite place and was extremely disappointed when they closed. So, imagine to her delight when she realized Big Bone is the reincarnated Purple Pig from the festivals!

Since this was my first experience, the Big Bone combo ($21.95) was the smart choice to try their ribs and wings. With ½ rack of ribs, pound of wings, and tons of sides, it was more than enough to share between my friend and me.

The meat’s flavour has the chance to shine through given the ribs were covered with enough sauce without being drenched. The glaze was well balanced with hints of tangy and sweet flavours. Most of all, I liked that there was some bite to the ribs – sure they separated from the bone easily but not to the point that it simply falls off.

Big Bone BBQ

As for the second part of their name, Wicked Wings, these are intensely smoked so the flavour permeates through the chicken. We ordered ours tossed in a hot and honey sauce but really the great smoky flavour with a lighter BBQ glaze would have been more than enough.

Although the meat was fantastic the sides were less exciting: the coleslaw sickeningly sweet, the corn bread hard and cold, and the baked beans decent but tasting of the canned Heinz variety. The fries were the only redemption arriving hot and crispy but definitely not made-in-house with fresh potatoes. But then, who’s really here to eat all the fillers? Give me the meat any day.

The dining area is small and simple but we were able to score a table for four on Friday evening despite their no-reservation policy. Regulars seem to get takeout instead so the tables turn over at a good clip. However, with the constant flow of takeout, the food takes time to arrive – a test to my willpower when all I can smell is roasting meat and platters walk by looking much like my order.

After dinner, we were so impressed that we ordered takeout for our families. Between the flurry of requests, Big Bone mixed up two of my friends’ wing orders. One friend, who coincidently was the one who loved them so much, called to let them know. Lee Rombos, co-founder of Big Bone answered and apologized for the mistake. My friend wanted me to point out that he was very nice and even offered her a gift certificate to make-up for the error. Certainly a testament to their friendly service.  

If you’re like me and the crowds of rib fest seem daunting, look no further as a past contender has set-up permanent locations to serve us instead. Sure, I’ll miss out on trying five different racks, but what Big Bone is serving is pretty good. Enough to leave me wanting more and likely make the long drive up North again.

Overall mark - 8.5 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 207 Eagle Street

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