Market Street Catch (Toronto)

Market Street Catch

When scouting a quick and cheap seafood spot in downtown Toronto, Buster’s Sea Cove (in the St. Lawrence Market) often comes to mind. However, it tends to have long queues and closes fairly early for dinner. Their sister restaurant, Market Street Catch, fills this void with a retail location beside the Market.

Prices are slightly higher but the 26-seat sitting area (40 including the patio) and order-than-sit service is worth the extra dollar. Prices are still reasonable, with three large tacos costing $15 and no extra charges for mixing choices. With four options, I settled on the octopus, shrimp and seared tuna.

The chopped octopus was tender and packed with heat from the spicy salsa. More of the cooling sour cream would be nice to counteract the spiciness.

Plump pieces of shrimp adorned the second taco and had a nice rub on it in conjunction with the salsa and pico de gallo. In all the tacos, the pico de gallo contained too much onion; luckily, it wasn’t hard to pick out.

The tuna was beautifully seared leaving a vibrant red centre. It went nicely with the neutral coleslaw and unlike the octopus and shrimp, wasn’t as spicy so the fish’s flavour held up.

Most of their seafood is available fried or grilled and accompanied with fries or salad. The grilled swordfish with salad ($14.95) was bland, although the side of thousand island tarter sauce (?) helped. Indeed, the dull flavour could be due to me trying the swordfish after the sauce filled tacos.

Overall, the seafood at Market Street is fresh and there are plenty of menu options. If you’re looking for a relatively quick and inexpensive restaurant, they may just have the catch for you.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 14 Market Street

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