Simply Snacking: Three Farmers' Roasted Chickpeas

Generally, I reserve chickpeas for two purposes: throwing in a salad or making hummus. So, when a bag of Three Farmer’s Roasted BBQ Chickpeas arrived in my Yummybox (a monthly food subscription service), it was intriguing to imagine them as a snack.

At first, I found them dry as it seemed like it’d resemble a nut. But, after a few I got use to the texture and found they are similar to wasabi peas.

The Three Farmers is named after Colin, Dan and Ron, three Saskatchewan farmers who produce camelina oil. One of the farmer’s two daughters went onto Dragon’s Den to promote the oil.

As a second product, The Three Farmers branched into chickpeas given their prominence as an agricultural product in Saskatchewan. Being high in protein and fibre, the roasted chickpeas were surprisingly filling, so I only needed a small handful to curb cravings.

A cool feature is the product number printed on the packaging, when entered on the website it provides a description of that batch. For example, the BBQ roasted chickpeas I had were planted on May 12, 2013 and harvested October 18, 2013. It even specified the growing conditions (above average rainfall) and the farmer it was produced by (Colin). A host of other information is given so if you’re into “knowing where your food comes from” this is an ideal product.

I’ll admit, these will never replace my love for chips. But, their crunchiness does help satisfy my longing for their potato friend. Congratulations Three Farmers for expanding my perception on chickpeas, Saskatchewan has you to thank.

How To Find Them 
 Approx. Price:  $15 for three packages