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Simply Snacking: Pepperidge Farm's Baked Cracker Chips & Tortillas

Finding substitutes to potato chips is a continuing quest – anything that offers that satisfying savoury crunch without all the fat! A great alternative that I return to time and time again are Pepperidge Farm’s Cracker Chips or Tortillas.

Firstly, they’re available in a variety of their flavours I often like in chips: ketchup, nacho cheese and chili lime. If Pepperidge Farms add sour cream & onion and jalapeno to the mix, it’d be even better! Moreover, each crispy piece is covered with enough flavouring to be satisfying without leaving a dusty mess on the fingers.

Although still good to eat on its own, the neutral taste of the multi grain version lends itself for pairing with dips – a nice substitute for fried tortilla chips.

There is even a sweet variety: the cinnamon sugar reminding me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in a thinner form. It was worth a try but not something I’d be rushing to buy again.

Of course what has me continually purchasing the product is their “healthiness”. With 20 chips only setting me back 90 calories, I also don’t feel guilty about reaching in for another handful. 

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Simply Snacking: Brussel Bytes

At the Toronto Coconut Festival, held in July, I was surprised to see a vendor sampling vegetable chips. Immediately, I was drawn to their cheerful colourful packaging and upon seeing the brussel sprout snacks was intrigued. Wonderfully Raw, the makers of Brussel Bytes, generously provided me with a complimentary sample so I could have more than the quick tastes at the event.

From the three flavours available, the cheezy herb variety was most ideal for me - herbs, cheese and vegetables all go well together. There’s a faint cheesiness to the snack but it’s not overpowering, nothing like Nacho Doritos. The prominent taste came from the vegetable mixture itself: aside from brussel sprouts, there’s also kale, shredded carrots, coconut and pumpkin seeds, all were combined into a bite.

I love kale and brussel sprouts so was happy to discover a product that combines both: the wispy crispiness of kale with the stronger brussel spout flavour. The shredded carrots and coconuts added a hint of sweet tanginess to the chip, but was relatively neutral. As for the pumpkin seeds, they weren’t pronounced – maybe they’re added in flour form?

As a warning, these are delicate snacks; after a trip home in a bag, many bits of kale broke off into small pieces. But, I gobbled those up anyways. Moreover, after finishing the package over two snacking occasions, I didn’t feel guilty. After all, I seemed to be ingesting tons of vegetables and they were only 110 calories a serving. Yet, the Brussel Bytes had enough crunch and flavour to satisfy my savoury snack cravings. What a great product discovered from the festival!

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 Approx. Price:  $5.99

Simply Snacking: Three Farmers' Roasted Chickpeas

Generally, I reserve chickpeas for two purposes: throwing in a salad or making hummus. So, when a bag of Three Farmer’s Roasted BBQ Chickpeas arrived in my Yummybox (a monthly food subscription service), it was intriguing to imagine them as a snack.

At first, I found them dry as it seemed like it’d resemble a nut. But, after a few I got use to the texture and found they are similar to wasabi peas.

The Three Farmers is named after Colin, Dan and Ron, three Saskatchewan farmers who produce camelina oil. One of the farmer’s two daughters went onto Dragon’s Den to promote the oil.

As a second product, The Three Farmers branched into chickpeas given their prominence as an agricultural product in Saskatchewan. Being high in protein and fibre, the roasted chickpeas were surprisingly filling, so I only needed a small handful to curb cravings.

A cool feature is the product number printed on the packaging, when entered on the website it provides a description of that batch. For example, the BBQ roasted chickpeas I had were planted on May 12, 2013 and harvested October 18, 2013. It even specified the growing conditions (above average rainfall) and the farmer it was produced by (Colin). A host of other information is given so if you’re into “knowing where your food comes from” this is an ideal product.

I’ll admit, these will never replace my love for chips. But, their crunchiness does help satisfy my longing for their potato friend. Congratulations Three Farmers for expanding my perception on chickpeas, Saskatchewan has you to thank.

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 Approx. Price:  $15 for three packages