Simply Snacking: Brussel Bytes

At the Toronto Coconut Festival, held in July, I was surprised to see a vendor sampling vegetable chips. Immediately, I was drawn to their cheerful colourful packaging and upon seeing the brussel sprout snacks was intrigued. Wonderfully Raw, the makers of Brussel Bytes, generously provided me with a complimentary sample so I could have more than the quick tastes at the event.

From the three flavours available, the cheezy herb variety was most ideal for me - herbs, cheese and vegetables all go well together. There’s a faint cheesiness to the snack but it’s not overpowering, nothing like Nacho Doritos. The prominent taste came from the vegetable mixture itself: aside from brussel sprouts, there’s also kale, shredded carrots, coconut and pumpkin seeds, all were combined into a bite.

I love kale and brussel sprouts so was happy to discover a product that combines both: the wispy crispiness of kale with the stronger brussel spout flavour. The shredded carrots and coconuts added a hint of sweet tanginess to the chip, but was relatively neutral. As for the pumpkin seeds, they weren’t pronounced – maybe they’re added in flour form?

As a warning, these are delicate snacks; after a trip home in a bag, many bits of kale broke off into small pieces. But, I gobbled those up anyways. Moreover, after finishing the package over two snacking occasions, I didn’t feel guilty. After all, I seemed to be ingesting tons of vegetables and they were only 110 calories a serving. Yet, the Brussel Bytes had enough crunch and flavour to satisfy my savoury snack cravings. What a great product discovered from the festival!

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 Approx. Price:  $5.99