Violino (Dresden)

On the top skylight lit floor of the large Altmarkt-Galerie shopping mall you’ll find Violino. The old-school Italian restaurant churns out heavenly smelling pizza and pastas with portion sizes that any Nonna would be proud of: the pasta being ordered by other tables could certainly pass for a family-style platter.

My husband and I stuck with pizza instead. The thin base of the paprika salame pizza (€7) was as light as any made in a pizza oven. A nice crisp crust developed on the bottom while the dough still retained a chewy quality. I can’t help but compare the pizza’s German ingredients with Toronto counterparts: the bell peppers weren’t as sweet rather having a rich pepper flavour while the pepperoni meatier and leaner - not a sheen of oil in sight.

In fact, Violino’s menu publishes the additives in dishes - things such as sweeteners and preservatives that extend the shelf life of products. This transparency is great for diners who are concerned about what’s in their food and shows Violino stands behind the quality of their ingredients.

Drinks are also reasonably priced with a small pilsner costing €2.50. Overall, Violino is a great option for decent Italian food at low prices… just bring an appetite or someone to share with.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Dresden, Germany
 Address: Webergasse 1 (inside the Altmarkt-Galerie)

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