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The Addisons Toronto

The Addisons Residence has taken over C-Lounge and gutted the interior to make it into a retro Beverly Hills home. Although it still looks industrial-like from the outside, upon entering you can see the transformation. The changes are courtesy of designer Lisa Ho, of Lisa Ho Studios. The entrance resembles a foyer with a bright LA feel.

The Addisons Toronto: foyer

As you wind through the hallway you end up in a large kitchen & dining room area, which inevitably like all homes is the area people like to conjugate in and mingle. Other rooms to the venue include a large living area and rec room.

The Addisons Toronto: kitchen

Opened Wednesday to Saturday, the venue offers their own events (karaoke Wednesdays, DJ Thursdays, live band Fridays and party Saturdays) or can be rented out (by room or the entire venue) for private events.

It’s an interesting concept for this new King West lounge: you’re invited to an awesome house party and the back story is that the Addisons throw spectacular parties. It’s a grown-up house party complete with delicious cocktails but still playful enough that the “rec room” has a foosball table and shuffleboard.

The Addisons Toronto: rec room

During their launch party, I was able to try a couple of cocktails. An easy going drink for the summer months is their strawberry sangria ($50 for a punch bowl) made with white wine, rum, strawberry lemonade and cut up fruit. Sweet and refreshing, you wouldn’t think you’re even drinking alcohol.

The Addisons Toronto: strawberry sangria

For something interesting, try the Smoked Heat ($13) made with mezcal, grapefruit juice, lime and bitters and then spiced with jalapeno. It also starts off easy as the citrus taste is apparent first, but then the bitter and spicy elements hit for a unique finish.

The Addisons Toronto: jalepeno cocktail

The patio will be transformed into a backyard oasis. Unfortunately, it wasn’t opened during the launch party, but the Addisons notes they will be offering slushy drinks to help beat the rare Toronto heat waves.

The venue also offers food, courtesy of the Food Dudes, so while you rest in one of their many sitting areas you can enjoy a bite. At the opening party, they featured a hearty spread of juicy fried chicken, aromatic pierogies, chicken wings and tons of delicious salads.

The Addisons Toronto: food dudes fried chicken

There’s a grown-up feel to the lounge and the home environment offers an inviting and relaxing feel. And like a house party, I've been advised there will be no cover charge or dress code at the Addisons. Welcome to the neighbourhood!

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 456 Wellington Street West

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