Freiberger Schankhaus (Dresden)

Dresden is a beautiful city to behold, with gigantic gothic buildings all grouped around a large square. Although the buildings look historic, most of them have actually be rebuilt within recent decades (some reclaimed original materials) as most of the city was destroyed in World War II bombings that left the city centre devastated. Some buildings were rebuilt based on their former self while others replaced with something entirely different. Freiberger Schankhaus is a restaurant that took over a former pharmacy when the land was finally redeveloped in 2006.

While visiting Germany in the spring it’s spargal or asparagus season. Many restaurants cater to this creating special menus to celebrate the season. At Freiberger, I tried their asparagus salad (€10.90) a large fresh dish with leafy lettuce (baby leaf, bibb and iceberg), sweet tomatoes, endives, and plenty of chopped spears of white and green asparagus. The asparagus is much lighter tasting than the Ontario variety; thick spears that’s really crunchy.

The dressing is what made the salad a meal with chopped eggs and finely diced ham in a sweet and tangy vinaigrette. At first, I thought it arrived undressed but after digging into the dish, realized the dressing was in the middle. You really need to get in there and mix it up or end up with overdressed leaves at the end.

Freiberger’s regular menu is predominantly comprised of hearty Saxon fare. Their freshly baked pretzel (€1.80) is made-to-order and much lighter than the ballpark variety. It’s simply topped with course sea salt and not a brush of butter at all.

My husband’s meal was much more carnivore friendly. The master brewer style pork escalope (€12.90) was a crispy, breaded pork chop stuffed with ham and cheese. It wasn’t overly salty and leant itself to being dipped in the rich beef gravy on the bottom. The dish also arrived with plenty of hot fries and a side salad; a filling meal at an amazing price.

Located right in the heart of the busy Neumarket area of Dresden, Freiberger is a great find. A lovely airy pub atmosphere set over two storeys, it’s not overly busy and serves substantial dishes at affordable prices.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Dresden, Germany
 Address: Neumarkt 8

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