Romantik (Meerane)

Romantik is worth visiting for the quaint environment alone. The restaurant is located in a charming countryside inn that’s often used for local weddings; the expansive green lawns and traditional building is a nice change from Germany’s bustling cities.

Their menu offers numerous customary Saxon dishes, which are great comfort food options.  A dish like the rindsrouladen (€14.80), tender sliced meat wrapped around a pickle, onion and mustard mixture; the pickle provides acidicness to balance the heavy dish. Two large fluffy dumplings accompany the meat, made from a piece of bread rolled into a potato mixture – each with a crisp buttery gratin on top to contrast the doughy insides. I enjoyed Romantik’s sauerkraut, which wasn’t reduced too much so that the crunchiness is retained.

The schlemmerteller (€15.50) consisted of pork medallions dipped in an egg mixture, an interesting combination considering I generally only have pork and eggs for breakfast. It could have been pan fried less as it wasn’t very tender for pork. 

On the side, were pillowy ping pong sized gnocchi containing molten cheese in the middle – if a stronger cheese was used it’d be even better to stand out against the thick dough. For greens there was lightly blanched broccoli topped with slivered almonds.

Romantik’s prices are reasonable for food and drinks (a Freiberger pilsner is €3.10 while glass of white wine is €5.20). You can certainly make due with ordering just a main given they also serve complimentary bread and a dish of olives to start. Overall, the value is surprising given the restaurant has a formal air to it with elegant white linens and candles. Perhaps the pricing matches their laid back attitude, as despite the traditional surroundings no formal attire is required.  

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Meerane, Germany
 Address: Schwanefelder Strasse 22

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