Simply Snacking: Thomas Henry Mystic Mango Lemonade

Normally, I don’t drink too many juices. Then, during one dinner in Germany, alcohol didn’t seem appealing but water felt too plain. This was when I discovered Thomas Henry’s mystic mango lemonade, a lightly sweetened carbonated drink.

There’s an intoxicating mango smell that gives me a sense of where the concept of “mystic” comes from. Although the label notes lemonade in the mix, there’s but a slight citrus undernote, with the tropical taste most prevalent.

Thomas Henry if a relatively new company from Germany specializing in unique drinks for adults. Classic mixers such as tonic water, soda water and ginger ale is given a twist, which can be drunk plain or used in fancy cocktails – cherry blossom tonic, anyone?  Unfortunately, for Canadians, Thomas Henry is not available at our bars and retail stores. So, this is something to look for while vacationing (most likely found in their head quarter Berlin).

For a person who doesn’t like sweet juices, I found the drink refreshing and a great alternative to pop. Yet, I sense it would be equally stunning mixed with a spirit to make a sparkling cocktail.

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How To Find Them 
 Approx. Price:  €1.29