Pot Rice & Rolls House (Toronto)

If you’re looking to eat for less, there are tons of inexpensive options at suburban food courts. My parents introduced me to Pot Rice and Rolls House, after they walked by it one day and found a crowd surrounding the relatively plain looking stall.

After looking at the menu, they soon realized why – Pot Rice’s congee combos were a steal. The only drawback is the menu is written in Chinese, so illiterate individuals would never know about the deal. For $5 you get a pretty filling meal:
  • A choice of congee: century egg with pork, dried vegetable with spare rib, free run chicken or a giblets mixture;
  • A rice roll filled with either beef, pork, pork liver or dough fritter; and
  • Soy milk.
We tried the century egg with pork congee, where there was plenty of the preserved egg but little pork. The black egg with jellied egg white and creamy yolk is an acquired taste, as the yolk has a strong metallic tang to it (the black jellied egg white is unflavoured). The congee itself, a thick consistency, was a bit too paste-like for my taste.

The dough fritter wrapped rice roll was better and I enjoyed that you dress it yourself; you can put as much soy, hoisin and sesame sauce to your heart’s content. The dough fritter could be crispier, but some do like their rice rolls to be chewy rather than crunchy.

The eatery offers other dishes as well: rice and noodle items normally found at congee restaurants. The stir-fried rice noodles with beef ($5.50) were accompanied with bone broth soup and soy milk. It lacked the colour, flavour and aromatic essence you’d normally expect from this dish. Green onions, which would help improve on all the above, was definitely required. If you’re going to eat at the Pot Rice, just stick with the congee.

As a food lover, I generally appreciate taste over value and found the meal disappointing. However, in an age where McDonald combos are $7+, I can certainly see the appeal of the filling $5 congee and rice roll meal. As such, Chinese illiterate individuals, you are now also in the know. 

Overall mark - 6 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 633 Silver Star Boulevard

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