Luttner and Wagner (Berlin)

Lutter & Wegner has approximately nine locations across Germany, with the majority of them in Berlin. Their original restaurant, is located just steps away from the bustling Gendarmenmarkt and is huge. Not only is there the main restaurant (with subdivided eating areas), but there’s also a sizeable wrap around patio and a smaller dining area beside the main building.

For wine lovers, you may want to request a table in the smaller building as the walls are stocked ceiling to floor with wine bottles. Despite the abundance of tables, you’ll still want to make a reservation - even during our Monday evening visit they were turning away some walk-ins.

To start, we shared the caeser salad (€9.50), which was a decent size. Unlike the North American version, Lutter & Wegner’s also includes sweet cherry tomatoes, onions and two types of mild olives. There was still a garlicky kick to the dressing, but it was lighter and closer to a vinaigrette than a creamy sauce.

Their schnitzel (€14.50 for a half or €22.50 for a full order; half order pictured below) is amazing and unlike any I’ve tried. 

Pounded to the thickness of felt, the veal is coated in an ultra-fine bread crumb coating. It’s unclear whether it’s fried or baked, as the schnitzel is dry and not greasy at all, yet there’s a great crunchy crust. Inside, the veal is moist and because air pockets separate the meat and the crust, the bread crumb coating doesn’t get soggy.

A dish of squashed potato salad accompanies the schnitzel making it a filling meal. The dressing, an oil and vinegar mixture, isn’t overly heavy and the thinly sliced cucumbers and radish provide additional crunch and freshness.

My husband’s sauerbraten (€19.50) was much heavier consisting of tender sliced beef that’s like pot roast. The beef is very flavourful having been marinated in a spiced vinegar and wine mixture, with the vinegar giving it a sour tang. On the side was some overly sweet and mushy sauerkraut, nicely roasted potatoes and crunchier fresh cabbage. It’s an interesting dish with an acquired taste – one that my husband loves and was looking forward to. 

At first, I was apprehensive about visiting a “tourist district” restaurant to sample traditional German comfort food. However, my experience at Lutter & Wegner was wonderful and I hope to taste such superb schnitzel again.

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Berlin, Germany
 Address: Charlottenstrasse 56

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