Bang Bang Ice Cream (Toronto)

Hearing the phrase “bang bang”, images of fire arms, promiscuous activities or maybe Jessie J’s tunes would go through your head. For Torontonians its different – ice cream sandwiches and small batch concoctions come to mind.

Over the summer, images of Bang Bang Ice Cream’s Hong Kong waffle cone ($8) have flooded Instagram, taunting me to enjoy two of my childhood treats together. Therefore, I was elated when I found myself in the neighbourhood, wanting dessert, and the line was only just out the door … at last the treat would be mine! Only to find, after waiting 15 minutes, that it’d be at least another half-an-hour for the waffle cone – their machines simply doesn’t produce them quick enough.

As a business major, thoughts of poor operations management and bottlenecks flashed through my mind. Ultimately, it was decided that I wouldn’t reward inferior planning by subjecting myself to a wait – after all, if a business wants to miss out on selling a higher margin product, that’s their prerogative.

Instead, I settled on a double scoop ($5.35) with the two I had painstakingly decided on. With over a dozen to choose from (prominently featured on paint cans), it’s not an easy decision. Not only do you have to narrow it down to two appealing flavours, but they also need to work together as they’re bound to start fusing!

Since the beginning, the London Fog beckoned with the delicious combination of floral Earl Grey tea and creamy vanilla. But, then would beer ‘n’ brown bread (a popular choice) or Totaro add to it? After trying a taste of the first, Totaro ended up prevailing.

As a pun, the flavour is named after a popular Japanese cartoon character and pays homage to the light purple root vegetable. Vibrant with a mellow earthy taro flavour, there were also flecks of what may be egg rolls to add texture and slight almond twinge. London Fog and Totaro proved to work well together!

Aside from the waffle cone, Bang Bang also offers ice cream sandwiches (ranges from $4.40 - $9 depending on whether you want a half/whole cookie or vegan ones). Somehow these didn’t sound appealing as the cookie tends to overpower the ice cream (or it could the awful messy childhood memories of me attempting to bite through the cookie without squishing the ice cream). There are also cream puff ($4.75 - $5.00) and macaron ($5) versions as well.

So, although my picture isn’t the most Instagram worthy, the dessert was nonetheless delicious. 

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 93 1/2 Ossington Avenue

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