Wooffles & Cream (Markham)

Wooffles & Cream

It’s inevitable, even with a busy mall’s distractions, when the Hong Kong egg waffle’s caramel aroma enters the nose, I become entranced in its melodic lullaby. Sweet dreams seem near but waiting ten minutes for a fresh batch feels excruciatingly long.

At Wooffles & Cream, you’d be lucky if the wait is under ten, given the waffles are made to order and there’s no hurrying their production time. Even with only a few people ahead of us, it took 20 minutes to get the delightful desserts.

Both the waffle and ice cream is $3.50 each; combining them won’t fetch you a discount, but makes the dessert that much better. Between four of us, we shared the original wooffle with matcha green tea and the black ‘n’ white sesame with vanilla - the perfect amount to satisfy without feeling glutinous.

A slightly crisp shell, airy inside and a mix of sesame to add interest; if we didn’t just have dinner I could easily have one to myself – breaking off a bubble and slathering it with ice cream before enjoying it. As my mouth settles into the warm memory foam waffle, the comforting spongy snack relaxes me – eyes momentarily flutter shut and a satisfied exhale follows.

Childhood memories of simpler times play out as each bubble prolongs the idyllic mood. With our hectic lives, society certainly deserves a luxurious catnap, even if it happens in a crowded suburban mall.

How To Find Them
 Location: Markham, Canada
 Address: 8360 Kennedy Road (inside New Kennedy Square)

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