VIPS Sushi (Toronto)

VIP Sushi Toronto

As much as I love the experience of dining out and eating dishes at their optimal temperature, sometimes I get lazy and the promise of food in the comfort of my home is so enticing. Not wanting the typical pizza, Thai food or Swiss Chalet, we decided to give VIPS Sushi a chance. Diners rated them highly across the food review networks and the restaurant is close by so I was hoping the sushi would still arrive at its best.

VIPS Sushi Toronto

Undeniably, we didn’t think out our order very well as three of the specialty rolls ($9.99 each) had a tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber and creamy crab meat base. The differences between each really stemmed from what topped the maki: the spicy dynamite wrapped in nori with the crab meat getting a hit of spicy mayo, the red dragon topped with vibrant tuna, and the rainbow dragon a mixture of avocado, salmon, tuna, and butter fish. Surely the rainbow dragon would have incorporated the ingredients of the other two options.

VIPS Sushi: rainbow dragon roll

VIPS Sushi: red dragon rollVIPS Sushi: spicy dynamite roll

Nonetheless, they were satisfying with the cucumber finely julienned for crunch and ample amounts of imitation crab salad to make the rolls hearty. The shrimp could benefit from being larger (especially in the dynamite) and crunchier, but otherwise they were all tasty.

VIPS Sushi: spicy salmon crunch rollThe spicy salmon crunch roll ($9.99) contained finely chopped salmon incorporated into an excessive amount of tempura bits, so the fish became lost in the mixture. In the future, I’d likely order a plain salmon roll and make it spicy by drizzling some of the sriracha mayo that comes with every roll myself.

Delivery from VIPS Sushi was quick, taking half an hour despite the quoted 45 minutes, and the rolls still really fresh despite the travel time. Moreover, the portions were HUGE and there was plenty of leftovers (tip: to save it for the next day, wrap each roll with plastic wrap. The rice remained soft and didn’t get soggy). Sometimes being lazy has it benefits, I’ve now discovered VIPS Sushi, a great contender for Netflix and chill nights. 

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 9 Byng Avenue

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