Hemingways (Grand Cayman)

Patio dining has its ups and downs – a lovely opportunity to bask in beautiful weather, but when it’s hot and you’re craving a chance to chill, the blazing sun is not necessarily the best for dining. Hence, I rather enjoyed Hemingways plantation feeling dining room: it’s bright and the opened doors lead onto their patio. Yet, if you sit near the windows, there’s the feeling of dining outside while still enjoy a cooling breeze.

Of course, a cocktail always helps cool me down… the Trade Winds (CI$8.50) is even named with temperature reducing qualities! It’s rather sweet for a drink that doesn’t list any sugary ingredients; the hidden simple syrup a bit too much with the gin, elderflower liqueur, basil and lemon juice. Once I gave the ice time to melt and dilute the drink, it was better.  

Hemingway’s lobster and mango salad (CI$14) sounds enticing – who wouldn’t want plump pieces of seafood and sweet mango from the tropics? Yet, while the cold lobster did arrive in good sized pieces, the fruit was too small and pulverized so that the mixture resembled mush.

Additionally, the sheer amount of mango juice made the salad too sweet, so the salad had a dessert-like quality. The dish certainly needed larger pieces of the fruit and other ingredients to give it texture and help the dish stay savoury – the finely diced red onions were a step in the right direction.

Given I’ve tried a limited menu, it’d be unfair to say the food at Hemingways was poorly executed. After all, their Caribbean steamed red snapper and fish & chips sounds delicious. Perhaps just stay away from the lobster and mango salad, unless you’re in the mood for dessert.

Overall mark - 6 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: 7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman
 Address: Inside the Grand Cayman Beach Suites

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