FK Dulce Bakery (Toronto)

There is no shortage of artisanal doughnut shops in North York, but FK Dulce Bakery's nod to Filipino flavours certainly provides a unique take on these deep fried sweets. This is best showcased in their leche flan ($3.50) doughnut, the yeasty soft pastry wrapped around a thick slab of eggy flan and drizzled with a sticky caramel glaze that is so indulgent. It's a rich dessert that was oh so satisfying and unique - the combination of custard and pastry was fantastic and already makes me yearn for more.

My first bite into the jammy ube ($2.99) was interesting and unexpected. I'm not sure I liked the feeling of the purple yam filling flooding onto the roof of my mouth and wished it was captured as a jelly centre similar to the Bavarian doughnut - it's messy so take extra care if ever eating the treat while wearing white. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the added coconut with the yam, which created an almost black sesame essence and the filling was the perfect sweetness.

It's not just the flavours that make FK Dulce tasty, the dough for the pastry was great having a cakey yet light consistency. Take the matcha white chocolate ($2.25), the doughnut appears like a honey dip except glazed with melted white chocolate and matcha powder. Yet, when you bite into it, the dough doesn't seem hollow and dry (like your typical honey dip), instead there's a chewiness to it, almost like it incorporates a touch of mochi without becoming dense.

The Bavarian cream ($2.50) was probably the least Filipino influenced, but still fantastic, especially for those who appreciates a Boston cream. I'd say the Bavarian is more custard than cream, silky and thick and was my husband's favourite of the bunch. 

FK Dulce's menu isn't just doughnuts, they also offer a dozen cakes and even savoury bites like fishballs and kwek kwek. It's a snacker's heaven for when you want something savoury and sweet - as separate flavours that is... although hot dog doughnuts may be appeal for some. 

Disclaimer: The doughnuts were complimentary. Rest assured, as noted in my mission statement, I will always provide an honest opinion.

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 3418 Bathurst Street

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