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Ginza Lion 銀座ライオン (Tokyo)

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Address: 7-9-20 Ginza, Chuo
Type of Meal: Lunch

Off of the busy street of Ginza the restaurant is hard to miss with its large entrance and display case filled window. As soon as you enter get ready to experience a bustling beer hall where small tables are crammed together and chattering permeates throughout. But, that is expected; after all, with any beer hall you'd expect a jovial informal atmosphere. 

Beer is available if four sizes with the small (slightly less than a pint) and a large (about 750 ml) shown below. Luckily, despite the large dining room size, drinks arrive quickly to satisfy thirsty customers. 

Lion Ginza's menu combines German beer hall classics and UK pub favourites. My husband and I ordered a choice of both with him getting the Weisterhurst with sauerkraut (¥1,029). Not being a fan of sausages I didn't try the dish but must admit the breakfast sized sausages sitting in an oily skillet couldn’t tempt me. 

Meanwhile, my fish and chips (¥892) were also quite small consisting of three stick sized pieces of fish and about six thick cut fries. This certainly didn't come close to matching my experience at Anstruther's Fish Bar which is disappointing for a country which normally prepares fish so well. The biggest drawback is it's coated in bread crumbs rather than battered so made me think of eating the frozen Highliner variety I purchase at grocery stores. 

In the end, I realize Ginza Lion is not a place to go to for good food. But, if you are looking for a central place to rest, where they always have a table available and offer inexpensive (but small) dishes than this is place to for you. 

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