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Remoulade (New Orleans)

Location: New Orleans, USA
Address: 309 Bourbon Street
Type of Meal: Dinner

Sometimes it’s difficult finding a restaurant opened daily and late. Remoulade is such a place, serving Creole classics from 11am-11pm every day at affordable prices. The casual sister restaurant to the more indulgent Arnauds, you’ll get traditional dishes without the high prices. 

Jambalaya ($10.95) is one of those dishes that you’ll find at many restaurants. Remoulade’s is made to order arriving hot and fresh. Although lighter in flavour than the one we had at The Gumbo Shop, it still had some heat to it. Filled with shrimp, chicken, ham, Andouille sausage and vegetables there was enough toppings, just the rice was a bit soft for my taste. All in all, a decent dish but definitely not the best of the night. 

The New Orleans-style stuffed crabs ($13.95) were delicious and resembles a crab cake with more meat and less bread crumbs. Baked in shell with tons of crab and some vegetables it arrives with a golden crispy crust, piping hot, aromatic and certainly made me want more. Creamy soft roasted potatoes accompany the dish and is a good option if you’re not feeling overly hungry.

We were all pleasantly surprised with the blackened catfish ($12.95), which was so much better than the ones I've previously eaten outside of NOLA. At Remoulade it is moist and flaky, almost the texture of tilapia, and the crust of seasonings filled with flavours but not burnt. Hints of chili, garlic and oregano shone through, another dish that left us wanting more.

Service was friendly and efficient with complementary bread brought out quickly after ordering. Staff members took the time to interact with us so we felt welcomed. Moreover, Remoulade was nice enough to send out a rich hot brownie with ice cream after learning we were celebrating a birthday (regularly $5.25).

Mom's brownie (1)

If sweets aren’t your thing than you may want to end off the meal with a shot which will only set you back $3.75. Certainly, a great way to start a night on Bourbon Street.

Shots of lemon drops (1)

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

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  1. Special thank you to my friend Jill for the pictures of the shots and dessert!