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Rigoletto Bar & Grill (Tokyo)

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Address: 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato (5th floor of the West Walk in Roppongi Hills)
Type of Meal: Lunch

Located on the in the Roppingi Hills complex, Rigoletto is one of the few restaurants with low prices; it’s also spacious and serves American favourites such as burgers, pizzas and pasta.

Despite its extensive menu and prix fixe lunch menu options, my husband and I stuck with the a la carte menu and each had a salad and 6 inch pizza (pizzas are also available in 10 inch sizes).

The mixed salad (¥400) I ordered was a simple spring mix with grape tomato, cucumber, sprouts and asparagus shavings. The vegetables were all tossed with a creamy miso dressing and topped with fried garlic chips. Although the ingredients were quite ordinary, the dressing and garlic chips added a nice Japanese twist to the salad which was quite enjoyable. 

Meanwhile, my husband’s Caesar salad (¥500) was pretty standard… I didn't bother to try it. 

Rigoletto’s menu contained an interesting sounding sour cream shrimp pizza (¥1,100). The crust was the blistered Neapolitan style, which is softer and doughier making it harder to hold slices of. With no tomato sauce but rather just the tangy sour cream it reminded me of eating naan bread with dip. Except in this case there was a liberal amount of shrimp, broccoli and capers on top. All in all, an interesting twist but wouldn’t be my go-to combination.  

The spicy diavola (¥1,100) contained various cured meats (spicy salami and prosciutto), button mushrooms and garlic chips. Once again I didn’t try it so unable to comment on its taste. But, my husband did like the spicy oil they brought for the pizza to add extra flavour.  

Overall, Rigoletto is in line with most chain restaurants you’d find in North America. It’s a cheerful environment as they shout as you enter and leave. Moreover, they have a huge open view kitchen – we sat at a booth right in front of the person shaping burger patties – so it’s entertaining. Like the North American chains it’s a good family restaurant with the louder environment, quick service and reasonable price points. If you do visit, I’d suggest trying their burgers as it seemed to be the more popular dish as we saw these flying out of the kitchen most often.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

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