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Kim Po Vietnamese Restaurant (Scarborough)

Location: Scarborough, Canada
Address: 58 Redlea Avenue (but multiple locations throughout the city)
Type of Meal: Lunch

With seven locations across the GTA, Kim Po Vietnamese Restaurant’s Scarborough location seems to be the most run down. Located off a small street across from Pacific Mall, the building looks like a converted house with minimal parking spots (but tons of street parking). Luckily, once we made our way inside the interior was nicer having been upgraded. In reality, all I was looking for was a hearty bowl of noodles so esthetics mean little - as long as the broth is rich and noodles not overdone I’m happy.

Having heard about their house special Fukein noodles ($6.50), we decided to order this instead of pho. The change was a nice; the bowl contained two types of noodles (a thicker yellow “oil” variety and a thin vermicelli). It still had plenty of hearty rich broth (Kim Po’s not overly oily and clean tasting), thinly sliced beef & Vietnamese ham and was topped with an oversized prawn chip complete with dried prawn in the centre.  

Tackling the chip first, so that it wouldn’t get mushy from being left in the soup, it was crisp and had a deep shrimp flavour. The duo of noodles helped to add a texture contrast but there could have been more of it as it seemed like with a few scoops everything was gone. Mixed into everything was plenty of green onions, fried onions and a rigorous sprinkling of black pepper. All in all, I don’t know if I’d replace the beloved pho with Fukein noodles but it’s a good alternative.

The chicken in their BBQ lemongrass chicken with rice ($7.50) was nicely marinated and grilled. Tender and filled with flavour, I would have loved to have the chicken with a bowl of pho. The rice that accompanied the dish was one of the worse quality I’ve ever had. It was a cheaper variety so the grains were broken into many small pieces and lacked any fragrance. It’s a shame that such a delicious chicken was paired with the subpar rice.

Kim Po’s deep fried spring rolls ($5.50) were on point, with a fair amount of filling (a mixture of taro, noodles and pork) encapsulated in a very crispy crust. Served with some extras (cold springy noodles and vegetables) they were also great for dipping into the vinegary fish sauce.

In the end, Kim Po’s a decent Vietnamese restaurant with some inventive offerings on the menu you may not normally find at competitors. But, with so many choices around the area, it wasn’t my favourite and generally found their portions a tad small. A saving grace is they are opened until 4pm; so, if it were for a late night snack than perhaps Kim Po would be a satisfying choice. 

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

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