Teroso (Collingwood)

Location: Collingwood, Ontario
Address: 18 Schoolhouse Lane
Website: http://www.tesororestaurant.ca/
Type of Meal: Lunch

During a trip up to the Blue Mountain’s Scandinavian Spa, we stopped off in Collingwood for a nibble.  We decided to try Tesoro, which my friend heard about through a poll of the top restaurants in Collingwood - it was voted first place.  Tucked in a quiet lane way off the main road, Tesoro has a nice patio area lined with greenery; perfect for dining on a sunny day.

While at an Italian restaurant, you can’t go wrong with carbs. Since we were outside, it felt too hot for pasta so I opted for their 8” lunch pizza ($11.95) instead.  Chosen from a selection of approximately a dozen choices, I selected “Roberto” which had a tomato-based sauce with mozzarella, Sicilian meatballs, mushrooms, garlic and parmagiano.  The home-made meat balls were enjoyable; not too fatty or salty and really made a meal of the pizza. A ton of garlic was sprinkled over everything and added a fragrant aroma. However, the crust needed some work. Although it was an adequate thickness and had a decent crispy yet chewy texture, too much flour covered the bottom of the pizza.  So, the first thing you tasted is powder when it hits your tongue.  If the chef used corn meal instead, at least a nicer crust would have formed on the bottom of the dough.

The pizza is accompanied by your choice of green salad or soup. Strangely, if you prefer Ceaser salad over garden an extra $1.50 is required. But, since I had a hankering for it, I ordered it anyways and requested it to be lightly dressed as I detest soggy dressing soaked lettuce.  Alas, when it arrived, my request was ignored so I had to scrap off the dressing myself.

Although I'm by no means a regular diner at Collingwood, I'm surprised Tesoro won the top spot on this poll. Obviously, I’m not privy to knowing how many people voted and who the audience was, but having been to a couple of other restaurants in Blue Mountain, I would not consider Tesoro superior to them.

Nonetheless, the prices are reasonable and the surroundings quaint - the patio had European music piping out the speakers which made it a quiet and relaxing environment.  And to be fair, although we were having a later lunch, a steady stream of customers was still visiting Tesoro so it must be a popular destination.  So, perhaps it’s not the food quality that will bring you here but rather the peaceful environment away from the buzz of Blue Mountain.  

Overall mark - 6.5 out of 10

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