Pho Mi Asia (Toronto)

Location: Toronto, Canada
Address: 1008 Wilson Avenue

Type of Meal: Dinner 

Having only visited pho places in Scarborough, I was delighted to find on Blog.TO information about a decent establishment located a short drive from my place.  Pho Mi Asia is like many other restaurants – situated in a strip mall with sparse but functional furnishing.  None of that matter since pho is not about the atmosphere but rather tastes.

Sticking with my regular small well done beef and tendon ($5.50) it arrived looking rather small.  Admittedly, I was a bit surprised as in reading reviews most people comment on their huge portions of meat.  During my visit, I found this really wasn’t the case and the bowl was actually tinier than the other places I visit.  Nonetheless, the noodles were cooked well and not overdone, the soup base decent & not too oily and the beef lean & tender.

The spring rolls ($4) were too dense, in my opinion, due to all the yellow beans added to the filling.  So, despite the wrapper being crispy and thin, the spring roll felt heavy.  Additionally, they were very hard to find on the menu so we ended up ordering the wrong ones (rice paper rolls instead) and had to ask them to switch; luckily they were nice about it and were willing to replace the order.

Not being entirely satisfied after the bowl of pho, we decided to order a slushy drink.  I opted for the sweet red bean, coconut cream and jelly ($3.50) hoping to reconnect with the taste of my childhood.  Arriving in a plastic cup it didn’t look the most appealing on account to the green jelly and dark bottom – I sort of felt like I was eating dirt and grass.
Strangely, in lieu of the smaller Asian red beans that are normally used in desserts, Pho Mi Asia used gigantic kidney beans.  Sure, they were still soft and slightly sweet from the syrup but it was a bit off putting.  The only highlight to the drink was that they did add thick coconut cream (instead of ice cream and evaporated milk) which did care a nice luxuriant feel.

All in all, it’s an adequate establishment to visit if you happen to be in the area. But, not good enough that I’d make it the place I go to.  For all my pho cravings, I’ll still be heading to Pho Metro or Pho 88. 

Overall mark - 6 out of 10

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