Flor de Sal (Toronto)

My husband and I had an amazing dinner at Monk Kitchen last Valentine’s Day and wanted to experience it again. Alas, Chef Fracchioni has since left its helm, hence our visit to Flor de Sal instead. Sadly, there’s no more kitchen table, but admittedly the dining room is so beautiful you would probably want to sit there anyways.

Situated in the redone Corner House the dining room is elegant and beautiful washed in white, silver and floral. The chairs are so comfortable that even after two hours we didn’t want to leave – this is quite impressive for my normally antsy husband.

Even before we ordered an inviting spread of crusty dense bread, rich olive oil and fresh olives were laid across the table. 

I couldn’t help but sprinkle some of the flor de sal (sea salt) left on the table into the oil to add a nice saltiness to the soft bread.

The small plates went perfectly with our before dinner cocktails. The dark and stormy ($15) contained plenty of ginger beer but lightened up with lime juice. While the Ginja ($15), a vodka based cocktail, was right up my alley sweetened somewhat with Grand Marnier and sugar but balanced with lemon juice and a sour cherry on the bottom.

There was such a deep lovely crust on the scallops ($21). With the vibrant colours coming from the watercress puree and lemon cream, there was a refreshing hint of spring right in the middle of the cold winter. We swiped up the sauce, an interesting mix of saffron broth and cream with a bit of freshness from the watercress, edible flowers and lemon.

Flor de Sal’s whole roasted grouper ($39) is a generous portion and delicious as I finished every bite. The skin is crispy (albeit could use another scraping as there were a few remaining scales on mine) and encapsulated the tender neutral meaty fish. Just lightly seasoned, most of the flavours came from the fresh fish itself, the finely diced caponata or spicy romesco sauce on the side. As a warning, it does have a lot of smaller bones so eaters should be careful.

The lamb rack ($49) was even better. Cooked to a nice medium rare it was juicy and tender. All the accompanying sides were earthy and warming from the lentil rice, fried artichoke and chestnuts. But, it was the spaghetti squash that impressed me most, it had such a great texture and freshness to it (not resembling the soft mushier squash as mine normally turns out like).

For dessert, we ordered the cheese plate ($18) to continue enjoying the bottle of wine remaining. I loved that our waitress asked us what type of cheeses we liked to make a platter suited to our tastes. On ours, were four non-stinky cheeses ranging from a softer Spanish cheese to a hard parmesan. Plenty of crackers, grapes, strawberries, fig compote and a great date & nut “sausage” rounded everything off.   

The service was friendly and unhurried with the dishes paced in a well time succession. I really felt like we were welcomed and could feel free and sit there for hours and relax. With the cozy fire place and tranquil spa like environment around us, I certainly could have stayed longer. If you’re looking for a place for a romantic date, look no further than Flor de Sal.

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 501 Davenport Avenue

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