The Fry (Toronto)

The Fry

Toronto has its fair share of menus offering succulent pieces of fried chicken, but little of them exist north of Bloor – a blessing for my waistline. But then, an unassuming place popped up in North York with a simple name – The Fry. There’s no hiding what lurks on its menu; one doesn’t enter the restaurant in search of salad and poached fish. Every time I walk by, it calls, beckoning me with the promise of Korean fried chicken (“KFC”), a rendition of the tasty treat that gives Colonel Sanders a run for his money.

Once I could stand it no longer, I rounded up a friend and succumbed to the half and half chicken ($26.99). The first “half” is a basket of plain KFC. The breading is spiked with a blend of spices, which was more than enough flavour to enhance the meat. It’s hot and salty, not overly heavy and lends itself to being enjoyed plain without ketchup (or any other condiment for that matter).

The Fry half and half fried chicken

On the other hand, the second “half” is tossed into a viscous sauce reminding me of the Pandora’s box blend from All Star Wings. The sweet and salty sauce is good at first but soon becomes heavy after polishing off a larger piece. Luckily, at the Fry, baskets contain a treasure trove of cuts with the typical thigh and drumstick ones but also full nuggets of white meat, rib bone without much meat and even a neck bone thrown in for good measure. So, I soon opted for the smaller less meaty cuts instead.          

The Fry half and half fried chicken

With the meal, the Fry also throws in a couple of complimentary vegetable dishes to help counteract the oiliness of the chicken. A sizzling plate of chewy sweet corn is brought first and a great test for one’s chopstick skills. Next a platter of crunchy cubes of vinegary daikon, a simple soy salad and an overly sweet creamy coleslaw. I had my fair share of the daikon after the chicken and the cool sweet sourness did help ease the meal’s heaviness.

The Fry cornThe Fry veggies

The Fry’s dishes are huge and meant for sharing; even with two of us there was plenty to take-home. If you don’t want tons of leftovers, I’d suggest at least three (if not four) people to best tackle the meal. The Fry also has non-battered Korean dishes such as spicy rice cakes and hearty stews that may be worth a try. I’ve now answered their beckoning call, will you?

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 4864 Yonge Street

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