CLOSED: Bobby C's Dockside (Bowmanville)

Bobby C's Dockside

After visiting Jungle Cat World near Bowmanville, my friends and I decided to check out a local restaurant - #Parv gets the credit for finding Bobby C’s Dockside located at the Port Darlington Marina. Much larger than I expected, we arrived by car but you can also pull up by boat as the restaurant is located right on the dock.

Bobby C’s burgers seemed popular and I can see why. They’re large and filled with tons of toppings – the kind of dish you order after seeing a server walk by with one. The California burger ($13.69) consisted of a thick beef patty, sliced avocado, sprouts, roasted red peppers, smoked cheddar and tzatziki sauce.

California burger

The prime rib and ground chuck mix had a nice combination of flavour and fat; if the chef took it off the grill 30 seconds earlier it would have been even better. The combination of ingredients worked with the beef and arriving with a fried pickle was the cherry on top for me.

The chicken BLT burger ($13.69) sounds promising made with buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, smoked cheddar and barbecue sauce. Perhaps it’s because I tried this second, but the chicken was no longer crispy, which was a bit disappointing. But, Bobby C’s does sneak an onion ring into the burger that helps give some crunch.

Chicken BLT burger

Although I didn’t try the French onion soup ($5.99), it looked amazing. Arriving with plenty of gooey cheese, it’s a bit large for a starter, but if paired with a salad makes for a good meal.

French onion soup

Unfortunately, it was raining during our visit or I would have loved to walk around the small but cozy marina. Indeed, their 150 seater patio would likely have been bustling if the weather was nicer.

Port Darlington Marina

Bobby C’s menu is predominantly meat based despite their nautical environment. Imagine cracking into a fresh crab (matching the one used in their logo) while sitting outside in the summer. Oh how magical that would be…

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Bowmanville, Canada
 Address: 70 Port Darlington Road

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