Blockbrau (Hamburg)


Hamburg’s harbour is one of the “must-see” tourists’ spots in the city and while taking in the sights you may want to stop and enjoy it. Situated right in the heart of the harbor is the immense Blockbrau – a two floor dining room and roof top terrace.

During my last visit to Germany and Austria, I ate many bowls of goulash. Unlike the Russian version that derives its red colour from beets, Germans use tomato instead. Blockbrau’s goulash (€4.90) had that intense tomato and beef broth I was craving and was particularly satisfying on the cool fall day. There is just a slight hint of peppery spice in the background and was great for dipping the country bread into.  

My husband opted for the Nürnberger tostbratwurst (€9.90) with five light pan fried pork sausages that had a rather refreshing seasoning within it. Served with sauerkraut, bread and mustard it’s the quintessential German dish that melds so well with pilsner.

For craft beer aficionados, Blockbrau brews their own line of beers, on site, using aroma hops from Bavaria.  Available in quarter and half litre sizes, they also affordable ranging from €2.50 – €4.80. 

If deciding what to order is difficult, they also have a beer flight (€18.90) comprised of eight 0.25 litre glasses. After all, as a tourist you have plenty of time and it’s always beer o’clock.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Hamburg, Germany
 Address: Bei den St. Paul-Landungsbrucken 3

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