Bryggeriet Flakhaven (Odense)

Bryggeriet Flakhaven is one of the restaurants run by the Flakhaven Brewery. Situated in the old City Hall building, it’s conveniently located and windows look out into the city centre. The restaurant’s website provides a delightful recount of the building’s history: it once held the famous author, H.C. Andersen’s, grandmother prisoner as she had a baby out of wedlock; these same dungeons have now been transformed into the brewery.

Their menu consists of hearty dishes that pairs with well with, not surprisingly, beer. The small order of spare ribs (175 DKK) was huge - an entire rack of soft moist ribs. They appeared to be baked rather than smoked or grilled so lacked the strong charcoal scent, but were still succulent and tasty. Served with a baked potato, forgettable coleslaw and two large canisters of barbecue & steak sauce (think of the peppery Worcestershire laced HP sauce), I could dip to my heart’s content.

The Brewery’s burger (159 DKK) seems to be a popular dish as almost every table had an order. They certainly didn’t skimp on toppings, the steak patty was topped with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onions and pickles. Thick roasted potato wedges and a generous portion of mustard mayonnaise finished off the dish.

Being a person who loves choice, their three beer tasting flight (59 DKK) was perfect. Containing the popular pilsner, brown ale and a seasonal brew, the Weizen-bock, it was a nice selection of flavours and richness.

Bryggeriet’s dining room is bright and airy, more like a cozy brunch place than brewery. Additionally, unlike other similar restaurants, which tends to be huge, their dining room only consists of a dozen tables so make reservations to avoid disappointment. It’s a quaint environment, ideal for relaxing and people watching, and great for admiring their beautiful copper distilling equipment.

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Odense, Denmark
 Address: Flakhaven 2

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