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Deciding on a restaurant for weekday lunches with friends or co-workers can be difficult. Where can you go that doesn’t take two hours, has a menu that can satisfy multiple cravings and isn’t too expensive? Fran’s is the place I turn to for these occasions, especially since they have great lunch specials that make it quicker for large groups.

The fair sized lunch salads are great if you don’t want something too heavy. Although not the highest quality meat, the grilled steak ($11.99) has always been satisfying – an amped up Greek salad adorned with flavourful grilled beef.

When I’m craving a hearty filling lunch, their tuna wrap with Greek salad ($8.99) is my go-to order. The wrap is stuffed with tuna that’s lightly mixed with mayonnaise and onions. The layer of lettuce between the filling and the soft tortilla helps to keep it from getting soggy too quickly.

During colder weather, their soups are warming and the chicken noodle is chocked full of ingredients. And the hot Western sandwich ($8.99) has a hefty layer of omelette within the slices of toasted bread.

Around since the 1940’s, Torontonians have been relying on Fran’s for their all day breakfast and large portions of comfort food. For me, I’ve been relying on Fran’s for their affordable quick lunch menu. Of course, their spacious patio is also great for the summer.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 33 Yonge Street

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