CLOSED: Dojima Ann (San Francisco)

Like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Dojima Ann appeared to us: a glistening beacon of hope on the horizon. After a morning of site seeing and shopping, my friend and I were hungry; craving something warm and comforting. After going to various restaurants and finding them closed or full, turning down O’Farrell Street was such a great decision.

Of course, it wasn’t all happy endings – the restaurant was still busy and there was a wait. So, we wrote our names down on the clipboard at the door and tried to be patient. Luckily, the tables turn over relatively quickly, so within 15 minutes we were finally seated.

As soon as my site glanced upon the iron bowl, I knew the nabeyaki udon ($11.25) was going to be my lunch. The large hot pot was filled with a rich seaweed and bonito infused broth, its heat I used to poach the raw egg on top.

Diligently, the tempura shrimp was eaten quickly to avoid the coating from getting too soggy and then I could relax and sample the soup. There were tons of other ingredients: slippery doughy udon, diced chicken, slices of salty fish cake and soft chopped vegetables. But, it’s the comforting broth that’s the highlight, especially once the runny egg mixes into it.

To stave off the hunger pains, we ordered the spicy tuna roll ($6.25) hoping it’d arrive quickly. Disappointingly, it ended up taking the longest and wasn’t presented until well after the steaming noodles graced our table. They were satisfactory: the rice a nice consistency, tuna not too pulverized, and spiciness prevalent but mellowed by the crunchy cucumbers.

Overall, Dojima was a delicious find, located in the heart of a touristy district of Union Square. For a person who generally likes to plan out my meals, I’m glad we abandoned our original choice and stumbled upon this iron pot at the end of the rainbow instead.  

Overall mark - 7.5 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: San Francisco, USA
 Address: 219 O'Farrell Street

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