CLOSED: Mio Ristobar (Toronto)

Mio Restobar has commanded it’s prime Scotia Plaza location, between the building and Commerce Court, for a number of years. I myself have passed the restaurant an uncountable number of times, often wondering what cuisine they served and whether it’s good. Having finally stopped to try Mio’s Italian creations, I wish I just continued walking.

The side dishes accompanying the veal scallopini ($21) were decent enough – the savoury porcini cream, thick butternut squash mash, and the crunchy spears of grilled asparagus. Yet, the veal so overcooked the normally tender meat rendered tough and dry. Luckily, the scallopini method of cooking pounds the meat thinly so my knife could saw through the chewy beef and every drop of porcini cream was used to rehydrate the dish.

The pollo pizza ($18) looked more promising with its well toasted and evenly topped crust. Overall, the kale, roasted red peppers and chicken breast slices were fine (albeit the meat once again a tad dry), but the pizza itself lacked sauce (and hence flavour) relying on the dollops of ricotta and mozzarella instead. Something, even a swipe of marinara on the crust and drizzle of olive oil afterwards, would help. Gnawing through the crust made me wish there was more of the porcini sauce left.

Maybe the kitchen was having a bad day when I stopped by for lunch. After all, how can a restaurant be in business for so long serving up rubbery, mediocre fare? Until I hear otherwise, I’ll just keep on walking by, every time I traverse from Commerce Court to Scotia Plaza.

Overall mark - 6 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 40 King Street West (in Scotia Plaza, concourse level)

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