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STK is more of a place to be seen than eat: one scroll through the Instagram photos tagged at their location reveals more breast and thighs than steak. This should have been the first hint that the restaurant focuses on its boozy atmosphere and food is secondary.

The tuna tartare ($19) was boring but respectable - a bed of mashed avocados topped with diced tuna sitting in a sweet and salty soy honey emulsion. Too bad everything was just so soft, the only crunch coming from the taro chips. It’s fine, but seems like something I could easily replicate and hardly restaurant quality.

At a whopping 28oz, the dry-aged porterhouse ($150) should be shared amongst two (it was even enough to satisfy our table of three). The menu declares the cut the “king of steaks” given the bone holds together a NY striploin and filet mignon, two cuts in one. Sadly, it wasn’t prepared like royalty. The filet mignon was grossly overcooked from the requested medium-rare, instead arriving at the cusp of medium-well. Luckily, it’s a tender cut of beef and has been dry-aged so even with the extra time on the grill the tenderloin was still edible.

What a shame to cover the beef juices with a sauce, but with the steak’s haphazardly seasoned exterior, depending on the slice you choose, sauce could be necessary. With a choice of two accompanying the steak, we opted for the au poivre and chimichurri. The chimichurri was so tart that someone must have substituted cider vinegar for olive oil and the au poivre so tame it might as well be gravy. After a taste of each, I decided to go back to how it should have been enjoyed in the first place – plain.

As common with high-end steakhouses, sides must be purchased separately. The Mac ‘n’ cheese ($14) could have been warmer as the cheese was congealed making the pasta spoon out in clumps rather than displaying long creamy strands that makes you salivate. Nonetheless, at least it had plenty of cheese and with its heaviness was a large satisfying serving. 

The Brussels sprouts ($14), on the other hand, sorely lacked vegetables … bacon made up half the dish. For some, this meatiness may be a welcomed addition, but since I actually enjoy roasted Brussel sprouts, the meagre portion was a disappointment. I’ve never had such gluttonous Brussels sprouts: aside from the huge cubes of hard candied bacon, it was also drenched in a sweet balsamic glaze – do yourself a favour and stick with the asparagus or broccolini. 

Despite the lackluster meal, that evening I decided to post a picture of the boring but at least pretty looking tuna tartare. Here’s your second hint that STK is really a lounge than a restaurant: a friend commented on how I was out “partying it up” … you’ve been warned.  

Overall mark - 5 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 153 Yorkville Avenue

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