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Terrace Restaurant (Toronto)

Terrace Restaurant at the Elmwood Spa

Toronto’s Elmwood Spa allows you to dine in a robe. Whether you’re in need of alone time, a romantic meal, celebrating a bachelorette party or Mother’s Day: it’s amazing to eat in a fluffy robe and flip flops. A great treat for yourself or a present for someone.

While visiting the day spa, customers can add on a three-course lunch at the airy Terrace Restaurant ($33). They have a nice menu selection where, thankfully, not everything is vegetarian, gluten free or healthy. After all, I’m here to pamper myself and my stomach.

The “Greek style” salad was composed with cucumbers, grape tomatoes, celery, creamy feta, and olives wrapped in a cucumber ribbon - both beautiful to look at and eat. It was fresh, well-flavoured with dried olives? on the side, and topped with plenty of cheese.

Terrace Restaurant at the Elmwood Spa green salad

While the steak arrives over the requested medium rare doneness, it was nonetheless juicy and tender. The hearty plate also had hot roasted potatoes, asparagus, crispy shallots and extra jus for dipping. Admittedly, perhaps I didn’t require such heavy main before donning a bikini to relax in the baths.

Terrace Restaurant at the Elmwood Spa steak

I felt I counteracted the steak with a healthier dessert of fruit with lavender infused whipped cream. The lavender was subtle and the thick cream great for dipping berries into.

Terrace Restaurant at the Elmwood Spa berries and cream

But, my friend’s s’more fondue made me jealous: both trying to remind myself of the upcoming bikini and kicking myself for eating fruit for dessert. The house made toasted marshmallow was fluffy and satisfying and once drenched with warm liquid chocolate almost swoon-worthy.

Terrace Restaurant at the Elmwood Spa smore

What I enjoyed most was eating the meal in the tranquil environment, over glasses of sparkling wine and with great friends. Oh yeah, and doing it all in a robe was pretty sweet as well.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 18 Elm Street (in Elmwood Spa)

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