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The Carbon Bar Experience (Toronto)

The Carbon Bar Toronto

Tip to restaurants: when you proclaim a menu to be an “experience”, be confident you’ll be able to provide the entire package. It’s not a “tasting menu”, where food is king; you’re now promising diners something more that extends beyond the stomach. Which is exactly why The Carbon Bar needs to rethink if they’re able to execute on the “experience menu”, unless you want a frustrating start and ending to be what diners remember.

When a group of friends and I went for the Carbon Bar experience menu ($49 per person having dropped the fish course), we were expecting tons of food, served family style, which would leave us in a meat coma.

What we didn’t expect was having to wait over half an hour for a reserved table. Just like a restaurant expects customers to make their reservations within 15 minutes of the set time, I also assume a reservations means a table will be available within 15 minutes of the scheduled hour. How many times have you been warned when getting a table that it’d need to be vacated by a certain time to accommodate a reservation? The fact that the Carbon Bar didn’t communicate this to a couple that was holding up a table for a large group is a sign of poor management.

Afterwards, to appease the group with no more than a "Heard you waited a while, sorry about that” from the server? That’s even worse. Bringing me to my second tip to restaurateurs: if you’ve screwed up, apologize and compensate - we added extra items to our meal, something inexpensive like the KFC could have easily been comped helping to ease the frustration a bit.

Nonetheless, once we were seated and the food started arriving, the experience improved. Sensing we were in hangry moods, a platter of fried delights arrived quickly following the wine. Fried mac 'n' cheese, beef croquettes and fried oysters were all accompanied by tailored creamy spicy dipping sauces.

The crisp exterior complimenting the gooey filling of the mac 'n' cheese absolutely delicious. Plenty of seasoned pulled beef was found rolled into each of the croquettes. And the fried oysters were a decent size providing crunch and a slight taste of the ocean.

There could have been more variety to the snacks, the sample menu on the website a much better representation. Where was the fresh or saucy elements to add interest? We diversified the snacks by adding on orders of the Korean fried cauliflower ($9), an amazing dish that is reminiscent of fried chicken yet has a creamier center. The spicy, sweet and savoury sauce was spot on to awaken the taste buds.

The following appetizers were more varied, with the tuna ceviche a great dish for helping to cut the greasiness of the previous fried products. Big chunks of soft big eye tuna and pineapple were tossed in a zesty lime and Serrano chili mixture that added heat without being overpowering.

I enjoyed the lighter dressing used in the black kale ceasar, given the other ingredients used in the salad were bold: large chunks of chewy oak smoked bacon, crunchy garlic croutons, salty parmesan and my favourite - soft boiled egg made with beet juice to give it a lovely pink hue.

Of the appetizers, the one that was a waste of stomach space was the pulled pork tacos. The corn tortilla, although warm and seemingly of the artisan variety, had dried out hard bits. Moreover, the pork so dry that extra tomatillo salsa and avocado crema had to be added in hopes of reviving it.

Trust me, don’t fill up on the snacks and appetizers … save room for the main event! The pit master platter was the most glorious part of the entire experience, filled with slices of juicy beef brisket infusing my mouth with a rich beef flavour, spice-crusted pork ribs that have a light heavenly smoke, and moist sizzling pieces of buttermilk fried chicken. Although Carbon Bar provides bottles of their house made sauces (espresso and sweet & spicy BBQ), the meats were flavourful enough to enjoy on their own.

As if there wasn’t enough food, we decided to add on orders of mac and cheese ($19). The stomach room it consumed was well worth it, the sauce a well-balance creaminess with sufficient amount of gooey cheese and the pasta left with a bite. As if there wasn't enough meat, the dish also incorporates generous portions of brisket.

Being so full, I couldn’t even try the other sides, except the handful of crunchy hot-from-the-fryer shoestring fries. The TBC coleslaw and stewed beets looked beautiful, but I simply couldn’t eat another bite…

That is, until dessert arrived. I couldn’t help it, they both looked so good! The Kentucky Derby pie is like a pecan pie on steroids – large pecan pieces amongst a rich butter tart batter and flaky crust with drizzles of bitter chocolate on top. On the side, a whisky infused whipped cream to add a kick of bitterness to cut through the sweetness.

The warm apple crumble incorporated plenty of diced apples amongst a buttery salty crumble giving the dessert a salty caramel taste. With plenty of spices, crunch from nuts and cooled with the creamy vanilla ice cream, it was a delicious dessert.

Throughout the meal, our server did a great job – being attentive and working with others to ensure the entire table was served at once. The dishes were also split well with plates spaced nicely amongst the table to ensure everyone had access to all the food and passing not really required.

Sadly, the euphoric experience didn’t last and a sour note ended the meal when we asked a lady clearing the table for the bill. Despite she was actually working at the table, she snappily noted she wasn't our server so couldn't do it … but would find the right person. Come on, if you’re intending to find your colleague anyways, what's the point of telling customers? Just do it! To us, you're all a team and one restaurant; I frankly don't care about your internal division of labour.

It’s such a shame the Carbon Bar experience was ruined by less than ideal service at the beginning and end. What a difference compared to my past visits to the restaurant when the friendly service was something I remember fondly. On the most recent visit, I had even thought the experience improved enough to increase their rating to an 8 out of 10.

Although the food was fantastic, poor first and last impressions should never be part of an experience. So sadly, the Carbon Bar has slipped a point. Go for the food, if you happen to get great service from everyone, count yourself lucky.

Overall mark - 7 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 99 Queen Street East

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Solo Sushi Ya (Newmarket)

Location: Newmarket, Canada
Address: 291 Davis Drive
Type of Meal: Dinner

In preparation for an upcoming trip to Japan, my husband and I are expanding our palettes by ordering omakase style (left up to the chef to choose).  Having heard about this Newmarket establishment, we made the 35 minute drive up North to put our taste buds in the hands of Chef Jyo Gao.

The omakase menu ($58) presents six courses (the first course consisting of three dishes) and offers a variety of cooking methods (raw, steamed and braised).  It’s heavily seafood focused with the only taste of beef for the night being presented in the first course.  To start we were offered a trio of small dishes.  Starting from the left:

  • The first dish was a piece of simply prepared sweet squash, its softness contrasted well with the natto (fermented soybeans) that accompanied it.  The beans had an interesting chewy texture and were somewhat sticky from the glaze on top.  Although it’s sweet, there’s an indescribable depth to the flavour (unfortunately, hard to define you just have to try it). On top were little crispy specks similar to sesame seeds without the nuttiness.
  • In the middle, were pieces of tuna marinated with shoyu & sesame oil and combined with bits of spring onion & spicy chili.  The tuna itself was soft and delicious, with this dish filled with such good flavours that it could easily be featured in a larger portion as an appetizer.
  • Lastly, was the sole meat dish of the evening - made from some sort of soft root vegetable wrapped with pieces of dried beef.  The meat is the taste and texture of fruit glazed jerky which is an interesting combination.  Packed with flavour and fairly heavy tasting it’s definitely something to be eaten in moderation.
Next came a sashimi platter, which I’m still warming up to having only recently starting to develop a taste for it thanks to JaBistro.  The salmon, the safest of the fishes, is still my favourite and was tender and fairly delicate in flavour.  A piece of white tuna that’s lightly seared so that it just began changing colour had a nice black pepper taste.  Unfortunately, my piece wasn’t fully thawed so the middle slices had ice crystals which was gross (not a problem for my husband so likely on account of my thicker piece).  Regrettably, I haven’t mastered the art of eating sashimi in the right order so when I finally got to the other white fish (behind the shrimp head) it was rather flavourless so not very memorable.  However, in my case, I’d rather things not taste too strongly so I still enjoyed it.

This meal was my first taste of raw non-fish based seafood where I tried scallop and shrimp. Having a quarter of the scallop, I expected it to be revolting but surprisingly wasn't that bad.  Having placed it beside of a slice of lemon, the scallop took on some of the citrus flavour.  At first, I was afraid it’d be rubbery but is actually very tender – however, it doesn’t lend itself to chewing as the texture quickly turned gummy in my mouth.  Overall, the scallop wasn't horrible and I could stand eating again if it were perhaps in thinner slices.

On the other hand, the raw shrimp was absolutely disgusting.  Since it was whole (thankfully the head disconnected) and there was no fork or knife in sight, I had to bit into the shrimp meat.  Instantly, my mouth was flood with an extremely seafood/fishy taste combined with a mushy/sticky texture.  Side note, I’m actually cringing while writing this as I remember how bad it was.  Unfortunately, since I was sitting right beside the chef, I couldn't exactly spit it out so I quickly swallowed it whole and washed it down with a glass of hot green tea.  This is seriously something I don’t think I can ever acquire the taste for; no amount of sweet soy sauce or strong wasabi can ever mask that horrible taste.

Luckily, the next thing to arrive was a piping hot chawan mushi, a steamed egg custard, that helped get rid of the queasy feeling in my stomach.  Served in the cooking vessel, a cute lidded tea cup, the egg was filled with chunks of salmon, scallops, seaweed and large enoki mushrooms.  The broth was a condensed seafood consume which was very well flavoured and filled my mouth with a wonderful umami essence. 

For the fourth course, a miso mackerel arrives on a large plate in a light sauce. The fish having been braised was richly flavoured taking on the beany essence of the miso paste and a slight sweetness. Topping the mackerel were anchovy fillets (brings a brininess to the dish but I could have done without), paper thin slices of daikon and a piece of lettuce.  I rather enjoyed the daikon’s simple freshness and would have liked more of that in lieu of the anchovy.

The best dish of the night was the fifth course - four unassuming looking pieces of nigiri sushi.  The fish topping them (tuna, snapper, salmon and grilled eel) were of course fresh and cut to a suitable thickness that you could easily pop into your mouth and bite through. But, what made the dish extraordinary was the rice! The hand pressed pieces were lightly warmed and had such an amazing texture – the plump soft kernels of vinegary rice had a creamy feeling to it yet was still hard enough to pick up with chopsticks. 

In the Tokyo episode of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, chef Naomichi Yasuda notes the most important ingredient in his sushi is rice.  Sure, when I heard this comment it implicitly made sense to me since every piece of sushi contains it.  But, it wasn't until we had Solo Sushi Ya’s incredible rice that it really made sense.  Honestly, if the rice is this good, it could be topped with a thinly sliced cucumber and I’d be just as happy.

Last but not least was dessert - a bowl of cold gelatin topped with a berry coulis and more of those crispy white bits that started off the meal.  Normally, I don't have high hopes for Asian desserts because, let’s be honest, they're never that good.  But, it wasn't that bad; the gelatin had a light coffee taste and an interesting texture (lighter than Jello but still firmer than custard). 

Despite the 6-course meal, dishes came out like clockwork with the new one arriving as soon as finished ones were whisked away. In the end, we were done in a little over an hour, though I’ll admit we are quicker eaters.  Solo Sushi Ya is an intimate restaurant seating about 30 people so to be safe make reservations.  We appreciated Chef Gao’s friendliness and willingness to answer any questions we had.  Overall, the experience was great and we’d love to return to have some maki rolls, more nigiri and perhaps some noodles.

Overall mark - 8 out of 10

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