Berliner Republik (Berlin)

Berliner Republik

Let’s face it – Berliner Republik is a tourist trap. However, this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker; as a tourist, they do offer convenience by being centrally located close to attractions. After an afternoon of traversing Berlin, a beer by the canal sounds like serenity, which is how I found myself enjoying a pint at Berliner.

Like their competitors, the restaurant was understaffed so patience is needed to get your order in – a 20-minute affair. Wanting something to tide us over, we decided to try Berlin’s famed currywurst (€9.90): a bratwurst (pork sausage) doused with a curry-laced ketchup-based sauce.

The one at Berliner needed more time on the grill to become hotter and bring out more of the bratwurst’s flavour … a warmed through sausage is really not appetizing. On top, the diluted slightly sweet BBQ sauce and dusting of curry powder wouldn’t be something I’d normally top my wieners with but isn’t repulsive. On the side, were fries of the frozen variety that would benefit from being double fried.

So, my experience with currywurst was a bust. But, getting to sit down and watch the Berlin crowd float by around me, while enjoying a cold beverage, still made for an enjoyable experience.

Overall mark - 6 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Berlin, Germany
 Address: Schiffbauerdamm 8

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