SOCO Kitchen and Bar (Toronto)

SOCO Kitchen and Bar

While the weather’s nice, taking advantage of patio dining is one of my top priorities. Located in the Delta Toronto Hotel is the SOCO Kitchen and Bar. And the best part, is that with their sizeable patio, scoring a table on a weeknight is generally not too difficult. 

The menu curated by Chef Daniel Craig changes slightly with the seasons – some of the summer options in this post have already morphed to incorporate heartier fall sides. But, it’s great to see that their hand-cut bison tartare ($16) is still available. The meat is cut into fine pieces but not overly pulverized and is tasty with peppery spices, a creamy egg yolk emulsion and pickled onions.

Softer pieces of lighted grilled pita accompany the tartare in lieu of crispy crostini, which works with the dish. However, with the decent portion of bison, a couple additional pieces of pita would definitely help.

Off of their daily specials the skewers of lamb speducci ($8; normally $12) were calling our names. The meat is moist and has a lovely greasy saltiness. A splash of lemon and vinegary chimichurri helps to cut through the fattiness while enhancing the flavour.

With a lovely crust, the roasted sea bass ($27) was cooked well, retaining the moisture from the leaner fish. Being such a neutral fish, it could have used a tad more seasoning, especially since the lightly curried lentils with vegetables and yoghurt was relatively bland as well.

Weak flavours is definitely not a description for the flammekueche pizza ($15) and might have added to why I felt the roasted sea bass was rather dull. Topped with large chunks of house-smoked bacon, piney rosemary, crème fraiche and caramelized onions there were so many tastes in each bite.

Don’t skip out on dessert – you’d be doing yourself a disservice to not try Chef Engin Tiryaki's creations. The peanut butter cream puffs ($8) are outstanding: choux pastry filled with a luscious not overly sweet peanut butter laced cream. On the side there’s a scoop of banana honey ice cream and drizzles of whisky caramel and raspberry coulis.

Evan, our server for the evening, was a delight with friendly service, great jokes and insightful suggestions. Moreover, SOCO Kitchen is centrally located to Toronto’s attractions with the Air Canada and Roger Centres within walking distance. Whether it’s for a bite before a game or just to enjoy the last sunny evenings of the year, SOCO may have the kitchen for you.

Overall mark - 7.5 out of 10

How To Find Them
 Location: Toronto, Canada
 Address: 75 Lower Simcoe Street

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